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Our Affiliates are the newspaper publishers that print local and community newspapers around North America (and eventually other parts of the world).  Our network captures local and directed news from our affiliates, but we provide the digital platform to redistribute this news, to a targeted local audience.    There are many benefits to Affiliates when you work with our Company.

Traditionally, your local news paper editor has reviewed the story, and reformatted it for printing.   Fifty percent (50%) of the time the items are printed using Quark Express, and rest of the time using either inPrint or PageMaker.  Our services offers affiliates a web form to submit the news story, which standardizes the input form, so that that local news is already formatted to go directly to Quark Express, as well as placed into the mobile alert input queue for the matching subscribers.  We also offer HTML output and can automatically generate web sites to display local calendars and for local news that is not otherwise put onto the web.

      1. Vastly improved way to reach an engaged local audience.
      2. The ability to target news release to exactly those who want to see it.
      3. Reduced cost of communications, as all our affiliate services are free.   
      4. The ability to market their events to a slightly expanded geographical range.  For example, an affiliate can promote a children’s event in Garden City, can enter than event into the community calendar, and people in the adjoining communities, could also receive notice of that event if relevant. 
      5. People in the community will get the information much faster, as they no longer have to wait for the next weekly news cycle, but rather will see the targeted news and event notices in real time.  Up to now, much community news, even timely news, does not get disseminated until the next weekly edition comes out.  

The only thing a your news organization needs to do to be able to able to have your news reach local consumers on the mobile phones, is to submit your via one of our web pages.  This will allow you to add not just the text of the story, but also specify the age and gender to whom this article or event or notice might be appropriate to (such as boys between 13 and 17) or those who are interested in live music, or Latin dance, or classes.  In some cases the alerts will go to all subscribers, such as a notice of water contamination.  You can see a sample news submission page by clicking here.

To begin using Smart News Submission, contact us at