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For those of you who want local and community news, have cell phones, and want to get that news delivered to you  


When you subscribe to HamletMedia, just by filling out a form (online or on paper), you can choose the news and events that interests you about your community and locality:

  • Local sports
  • Elections Information
  • Entertainment such as parades, concerts, dances
  • Civic association meetings
  • Events for your House of Worship
    • Conferences
    • Conventions
    • Outings


You can designate the ages and gender of your children, so that any youth signups and information such as:

  • Little League
  • Soccer
  • Summer camps


Be the first to hear about:

  • Homes for Sale
  • Apartments for rent
  • Open Houses


All of these alerts can be tailored to you and your own children and be available via text message to your mobile phones