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Management Team

Orville Hagler. ManagerMr. Hagler, as a founding employee of beginning in October 2003 was Corporate Secretary and Vice President of Entertainment Programming throughout the life of the company.  As SpiralFrog was the first ad supported online media company to provide free and legal music and videos with the support and licensing of both music industry major recording groups and publishers, Mr. Hagler administered and maintained Corporate diligence for the life of the company including equity management that comprised capitalization maintenance and reporting and the administration of corporate stock awards. He was involved in all phases of licensing for both music industry partners, sales, and technology and created and maintained employee contract and human resource procedures.  As Corporate Secretary Mr. Hagler conducted and recorded all meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees. He also acted as primary liaison in all corporate legal and accounting matters.  Mr. Hagler is a former Technology Officer and Software Specialist from May 1996 to October 2003, specializing in Financial Services.  Mr. Hagler was a spearhead in the business integration team at TIAA-CREF that included creating industry standard business models and utilizing leading edge technology to incorporate all the companies’ financial services technologies, both distributed and legacy, into discrete units of work.  Mr. Hagler also specialized in infrastructure management, security and credentials authentication, of web enabled and distributed technology processed at TIAA-CREF.  Mr. Hagler managed, led, and created Demand Deposit services and areas for JP Morgan Chase and the company’s prior incarnations of Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust from April 1986 through May 1996.  At Chase he specialized in chargeback information technology and introduced database and automated processing to these areas.  Mr. Hagler also expanded his roles to include Database and Data Administration of NYSE securities at the Depository Trust Co from October 1983 to April 1986.  He is a former DJ pioneer in the New York – Washington D.C. corridor.  He is also an ardent audiophile and patron of Jazz at New York’s Lincoln Center